Alpine Dirtbags

So Cal and I's Superalpinemegaride made print this last week, and as ever I feel pretty chuffed/stoked/really quite pleased to see our pics/words in print. We even got on the cover this time (Kind of)

I think 'Big Adventures, Little Money' sums up a bit more than just that trip to be honest. Anyway, the mag as a whole is a cracking read as ever, and for anyone with a few minutes spare the Hefty B-roll from our trip can be found below:


Making of Film 2 - Pt.1

OK, so, we have a deal. Singletrack want a second Pretty Sweet, mostly because they are nice like that. As such we are going to try and make one for them, and I reckon I'll try and blog a bit about the experience. We have a few plans afoot but for now, we'll post a few stories from 2010, and the accumulation of footage so far.
Still no.1 Lakes Gnar
So, what ended up being our first 'shots in the bag' day was a sweltering ride in July. My overiding memories of it now are of major chaffage issues and Dave W pulling of some tech riding miracles. I think we are all keen to get some 'Fell tech' shots into the film as gnarly, but slow, trails are a firm favourite and hence Dave and I headed to the top of High Street with this in mind. After a quick nap upon reaching the summit we set of towards Nan Beild with a few shots in mind.

The Big Gnar Staircases favoured by fix the fells featured, and whilst I pottered down on a hardtail, the ginger one made things look much smoother. Probably due to the suspension and huge fork he is now lugging round the hills on top of the skills he had anyway. Taking the radios made filming much easier, and the reduction in shouting at each other TO GO was nice. Bleep when your ready kids.

After a few shots on the staircases to the West of Nan Bield we headed over to the east side where things kicked up a notch. No staircases or obvious lines on this side of the pass. I was off form but Dave W picked out some gnadgery lines for the camera, and whilst a few didn't go, the majority of lines and shots came out pretty nicely. A few hikers impressed (really should get that on camera one day), we headed homewards.

And this meant riding Nan Bield. Whilst not as full on as the north side, the south of the pass is the classic, allthough a bit flat to make look good on camera, singletrack,. As good as it is, we were having issues. No idea what happened but the chafe was horrendous. Heat, sweat, summat else? Who knows. All I know is when I got home I nearly burn't my riding shorts. Bastards.

After drinking tea for five, stood up, in Wilf's cafe we tried to work out the best way of getting home. Sitting was massively painful and neither of us had alternative shorts. The options were walk it, or drive. Needless to say it was a looong drive back down the M6. Not sure whether the decision not to just drive home with no kecks on was worth the pain in the end....



February has been absolute balls. The winter as a whole has been some way short of Last year's high standards, but whilst December and January saw some cold local woods action, we have all just been waiting for February to end.

I may have ridden nearly every day during this past month, but the same commute day in, day out really can't compete with a heavily layered up trip out into the mountains. I could moan about circumstances and what not, but the long and short of it is that no mountain biking just plain sucks. The good thing is, winter is nearly done with and the future is looking promising. Flights booked, plans made, and hopefully a pay off for all those dark nights lost to geograph is coming soon. It may still be 2 weeks or so till the first opportunity for proper mountain bicycles but once that date comes, the summer is on. Hopefully we can make the most of it.