Golden Shred

As Dave W points out so well below, the dust has returned. The first proper summer dry spell after a long winter is one of my favourite times to ride. Hard baked local trails emerge dry and dusty. The Golden evening shred is on.

4:30 - Leave work - Go Home - Get Bicycle - Woods - Sunset - Tea

Mountain bike fact - Evening light improves any ride. It was glorious out there

The blossom is out. Summer is a' coming

I had some mean good times honky tonk piano stuck in my head all ride. It only seemed to improve the situation.

Ste gets his drift on in the sand. Just look at that dust

I'm getting used to the hardtail again. It rules. There is something I like about the big fork and the back bouncing around. I think a return to the Lakes is in order to test out this theory.

The sun was getting low so we headed for home. Three hours had dissapeared during our 'quick ride'

There is something I like about this whole mountain biking thing. Riding home it struck me that twelve weeks from now hopefully I'l be starting a near month of riding in the Alps. It is a good feeling realising that...

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