Delamere MTB Film Night Fundraiser

On the evening of the 8th July Delamere Cafe will be hosting a mountain bike film double bill to raise money for Wheels 4 Life and the IMBA.

As the poster says there will be not just the films, about which there is more below, but also food and drink and a raffle to give away some DVD copies of the films, all for a £3 donation to two great charities. The night should make for some ace post or pre ride entertainment. What's not to like?

VAST is Ionate Films eagerly anticipated follow up to the spectacular Virtuous. Here is what they have to say about their brand new flick:

'We're happy to take you on a breathtaking freeride journey. From the foot of the Matterhorn to the urban realms of Berlin, from the Ligurian Mediterranean coast to the overwhelming Aletsch glacier. VAST shows mountainbiking in its purest form at Europe's most beautiful locations'

Support is provided by PRETTY SWEET, a low-fi mountain bike film about pointing your bicycle at the mountains and seeing what you find. It is a film that shys away from huge huucks and DH action and instead sets out to show just how much grabbing a map and heading into the mountains by bike can offer.


Another Roadtrip Disaster

This time we were aiming for Knoydart and we ended up in Torridon. Turned out all right in the end though:

Then we just kind of stayed there. Dave 'Pleasuredome' Waugh in action


The Long Steep Road of Trips

Any regular readers of this blog (Hey look, some tumbleweed) may have noticed we mentioned a trip to the lakes, but never made anything of it. The reason for that was we sent some pictures and words of to the most excellent people at Singletrack Magazine who, in their infinite loveleyness and tolerance of poor spelling, decided to put our story in their magazine. This one:

So basically, I think you should go out and buy it. It is only £3.50 ish, it is a comletely independant mag - surely a good thing, and this month in particular is a guddun'. Steve Peat, important discussion on cheeky trails, Ben Lomand, an epic story from Siberia, me trying my hardest to write something good at the front and the most thorough fork test ever, if you are into that kind of thing, plus all the banging photos from Mainey, Milner, Barham and co. It is good stuff I tells ya. It is their title, not mine by the way.


Is There A View?

So the trails on Snowdon are top notch, as, I am guessing is the view. We have ridden bicycles up to the top cafe/building site/nonsense twice before and been greeted with 'thick as the thickest pea soup mist' and howling gales both times. Whilst the mist and wind made for some of my favourite shots of the Pretty Sweet film experience last time Ste and I ventured up, Dave W, Cal and I headed up a week before the summer solstace hoping for still weather and a view of the sun dipping below the Atlantic as we headed down the mountain.

Alas, it was not to be.