Golden Shred

As Dave W points out so well below, the dust has returned. The first proper summer dry spell after a long winter is one of my favourite times to ride. Hard baked local trails emerge dry and dusty. The Golden evening shred is on.

4:30 - Leave work - Go Home - Get Bicycle - Woods - Sunset - Tea


Return of the Dust (released April 2010)

No, it's not another film by Pretty Sweet; it's better than that: Summer seems to be on the way and dust has returned to the trails.

Today was one of those rare occasions when Wharncliffe is bone dry and you don't have to fear slippery roots or mud-layered rocks. Blasting down 'fast track', the riders up ahead were kicking up a plume of dust and for once i didn't care about the pain of dust in the eyes or not being able to see; it just felt great to be riding such good conditions.

And such good trails now i come to think of it. I'm not a massive fan of what i'll call 'pure downhilling' but what ever your riding style after a few runs your speed really picks up; massive adrenaline buzz, massive fun. Definitely nice to see some XC guys on hard tails trashing the posers on their Iron Horse Sundays.

No pictures unfortunately, i was having too much fun for that! However you should check out the Wharncliffe Collective's webby - it's well worth the trip on a nice day.


Scottish Roadtrip Goes Badly Wrong!

So we had plans for a bit of a lap of the Scottish Highlands over Easter. Problem was we never got there. 5 awesome days in the Lake District later and I for one am not complaining. More soon.

Shoes smell so bad after 5 days on the road


Pretty Sweet @ howies Dyfi Enduro, Machynlleth

So the awesome guys at Summit Cycles have agreed to put our lo-tech bicycle film on at the Dyfi Enduro. Great news. Should be really cool for a whole load of mountain bikers to have a gander at the film what we made. Thing is, along with a most excellent ride round the Dyfi Forests finest trails, one of the first European showings of Follow Me will be taking place. We are all pretty amazed that Pretty Sweet is in such amazing company. The Collective films were certainly what inspired us to film, and probably ride mountain bikes. Hopefully we can hold a tiny little candle to Anthill's finest.

So yeah, the Dyfi Enduro is one of the best not-quite-a-race mountain bike events there is, and Follow Me looks amazing. If anyone remembers our little film we will be stoked.

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.