Uncool Guys Don't Ride at Night

Ste and I may be getting a bit bored with the woods nightriding thing, but it is a scientific fact that heading out with remote flashes adds a new light to any activity (Gags!). So it proved, as we headed out to check out our new toy. Needs work, but it wasn;t to bad for a first go I think:

Ste gets blinded by the light. Need to work on focusing I think.

''Ste, slowdown, you are just a ball of light'' Again, I thinkwe may need to work on this a bit. Still made for a good night mind.

''Dude, I think we are pissing off the owls''

Aliens give chase. This kind of works right?

Being blinded by light whilst riding looked so much fun I had to have a go.

On the way back up the hill, Ste got caught up in the making of LifeCycles. Time flew by whilst we were out. I guess practise makes perfect, and we need a bit of practise

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