Travelling Socks: Switzerland

So Cal and I took a few weeks this summer to go on a most excellent adventure, and bikepacked our way around a small part of the central Alps. Here follows photos of part 1 of our singletrail adventure:

The joy of bikes and aeroplanes. Carboard boxes did a splendid job of getting the bicycles to the continent.

Waiting for the train up to Arosa. I have to be honest, having everything you need on your bike is a pretty cool feeling. At this point singletrack handling had yet to be tested, save a quick ride around the woods. A looong time in the mountains beckoned.

Has to be Switzerland. The greatest train journey of Cal's life. Mostar - Sarajevo takes the title for me.

So, Arosa. Our first night, and the discovery of Prix Guarantee. Swiss Co-op basics. They do everything in a nice pink and white. The lager ain't bad.

So, what would you say was the best thing about this campsite? Wrong, it came with a free lift pass (!!!)

A lift pass for trails like these. Cal opens the Alpine riding account for the summer.

There is trails then? Yes Sir. The opportunity for huuge backcountry in rides in Arosa is there, they could just do with making it more clear, and sorting out the terrifying cable car

Trails like this...

...and this...
...just keep on coming. We racked up nearly 4000m of vertical without really trying.

2nd day. Time to test the frame bags and panniers. They where fine on the opening fireroad, and didn't present much problem on the opening singletrack climb.

Then we got to this. It was a bastard.

Fully loaded singletrack descending. Pretty darn fun.

We struggled to find singletrack on the other side of the mountain as we descended into Davos. Then we found the campsite was 20kms out of town, and a tad pricy. Bad moods ensued.

We decided to head of up a lonely looking side valley instead. Luckily for us it paid off.

Cal gets all Ray Mears. Ask permission if you are gonna do this in the Swiss

Our lonely side valley the next morning. We where off to collect another complimentary lift pass at this point.

And the lift took us to here. Contemplating a few more days of racking up Swiss vertical.

Nothing else to do but descend. 1500m singletrack descent no.1 


no 3. The trails in Davos are top quality, especially the only accessible after four pm trails we where told about to the east of the resort. 

Alpine meadows in all there glory. If you find yourself with bicycle in Davos, Ivans Velo Sport (Ie. the specialised shop) is one of the best bike shops there is. Amazing shop.

Cal at the Batcave. Our fears that Davos would be pricy were completely unfounded

You even get some British weather to keep any lingering homesickness in check

Trails and trails and trails

There are only so many was to say supreme singletrack

Afternoon 2 in Davos. If you are prepared to climb for a bit, the singletrack options seemed endless. Cal scratching the surface.

Final Swiss descent. It was awesome. Italia awaits.

A thunder storm was rolling into town as we headed of into the mountains towards the border. We will be back in Davos, of that there is no doubt

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