This Is Pretty Much Summer Right?

So Ste and I have probably pushed the limits of how many times we can go out in the dark around our home trails, the novelty really has worn off by now. The winter was starting to drag and the urge to get out into the hills was to much. Plans were hatched, and after some terrifying motorway escapades we rolled up in the Lakes.

Dunnerdale is the kind of place that only works when bone dry or frozen solid. Seems we got pretty lucky with the weather. Ste on the opening singletrack.
It felt good to be getting out into the back end of nowhere again.

It is only when you realise it is you are on your spare link that it hits home how a whole day of fun depends on one tiny bit of metal. It held strong

The descent to the pub was fast and damp. Lucky I packed some goggles

The Newfeild Inn is a pretty sweet pub. Fine sandwiches, an open fire and Sneck Lifter on tap. We considered staying the night

We decided to crack on. The climb from hell awaited. Ste checks out the snowpack

Gratuitous 'shopped scenery shot. T'was nice

Ste heading for home amongst the Ice Climbers returning of Dow Crag. There was a lot of mutuall scenery love going down

Ste cracking on down the 'Scar. The descent was pretty fast. We were on a happiness high with the sun going down over our shoulders.

Once you get of the steeps, things get fast and flowy. This was one of those 'dang this is good' moments.

Ste takes his interest in abandonned mines to the next level. T'was a good day.

We finally started to run out of daylight and headed for home. Ste casts a mean shadow.


  1. Looks cool. Sure makes me want to ride

  2. Thanks. On another note, I seem to have pixelated my own face on one of these pics. Probably for the best

  3. There are some great photos on here. Really love Walna Scar as well. Looks like you had a great day. Cheers.