Travelling Socks: Austria

Week 3 of Supereuromegaride took us to Austria, and trails we knew. Read all about it

By the time we got this far, the sensational weather window was firmly closed. Things got slippy on the trails of Tirol

Before we arrived in Austria we had to cross the Fimbapass from Scuol. Stocking up before 1600 meters of vertical.
Still not the top

After spending all morning and most of the afternoon just grinding uphill...

 ...finally made it.
 Singletrack awaited. The 'bikepacking' set up was proving you could take it almost anywhere.

We singletracked to the hut. Weissbeir and a whole heap of fried goodness awaited.

After spending a solid 4 hours in the hut, we headed downhill and pitched up. I want to be back there now for sure.

Loading up the next morning before a brief pre breakfast singletrack hit. Warm coffee and strudel waited at the Spar.

For the first time in a while we where back on an uplift, trails like this lay in wait.

Cloudy trails in the Ischgl hills.

 Before we took a biblical soaking. The afternoon was spent drinking and contemplating whether to camp. Eventually we sought out the cheapest room in town to dry out. It was ace.
 Our only full day in Ischgl was spent on the lower trails. Lap after watersoaked lap.
 Did I mention it was wet?

 Cal getting cockier on the switchbacks. Bail into the trees to the left not pictured.

 The hall outside our room. Some damn good hunters/taxidermist we stayed with. CHeck out the awesome Eagle on Marmot attack scene at the back

And so to the Oetztal, with Mum n' Dad. Mum powering upwards.

Dad highpostin' downwards. The mans commitment to never adjusting his saddle height is commendable. He rode everything.

Your author riding corners with aplomb.

 And Cal, taking the 'straight down the hill' line. Family riding FTW.

 Another day, another steep loamy forest.

This trail above the village was awesome. Steep, scary and hella gnarly at the bottom. I'll clean it one day.

 Cal makes his way towards the super-gnar. Even if it dosen't look it, this trail was so ace, and so testing all at the same time.

 The drop in to the super gnar section. An over the slab approach was just to slippy.

 Once past the slab you dropped in to this. Steeeeeep loam whilst trying to keep the speed in check for the funnel at the bottom. To gnarly for this year.

Dabbing my way down the slab.

 Can't see the wood for the trees.

Another trail further up the valley. You have to pedal to the top of these trails, but the descents are worth it by a long way.


Steep, loamy, techincal trails. Awesome riding. I think some guys made a film here once.

When the weather picked up big mountain trails were there for the taking.

Nearing the end of the last rail of the trip...

 ...it was a good one.
 Before we left for this trip I had wondered if 3 weeks of just riding might get a bit dull. Looking back through these pictures I can't believe I thought that.

By the time of our last ride the dust had returned. It was almost as slippy as the damp. I am going to have to do 20 consecutive days of riding again sometime.

So there you go. An awesome holiday.


  1. Awesome as always, Dave!

  2. Haha, cheers Tim. You really should dig out a bike and come out in the woods sometime.