The Planning Is The Best Bit

So we have some fairly awesome, if slightly ambitous plans for summer 2010 at Pretty Sweet. If there was a message behind Pretty Sweet I would like to think it is that there are some awesome trails out there, and next summer we hope to take this idea a bit further. The plan is a Bivi-ed/Camping adventure across the Swiss/Italian/Austrian Alps entirely self supported. There will be photos on this blog and there might even be a film (Pretty Sweet 2 anyone?) but it should be ace.

Thing is, we need to get some Bivi gear, and after some top notch recomendations, I forked out £25 whole pounds for one of these bad boys:

 Pretty badass, I think you'll agree. Pretty snug when twinned with a sleeping bag
It is a Hammock from DD Camping Hammocks. It weights all of 600 grams and comes highly recomended. My plan is to twin it with a tarp for a super cool lightweight home from home. First impressions are it seems pretty good. Easy to put up, and I hung out in it during a breif shower, and stayed dry. Not quite as compfy as a tent, but a lot lighter when you consider it negates the need for poles and a roll mat.

There is a good amount of space inside aswell. It seems pretty good to me. How can this plan possibly fail???? I think a bit of a test drive in the Scottish Highlands is in order.

If it means I can go to sleep next to pretty flowers it is al good by me.

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