Marin County

So I guess we had better back fill this blog with some of the actual filming we did over the last 11 months. Jeezus, can't believe it has been that long...

Anyway, we kicked of the year riding and filming wise at the Marin Trail in Gwydyr Forest. Seemed pretty appropriate seen as this was the first trail center any of us ever rode at. Seem to think I had bright blue woolen legwarmer tight things and a rigid spesh hardrock. I remember following a guy with a Yoda backpack down the final descent, Yoda flying all over the place, staring back at me. Mountain biking was way rad back in the day.

But yeah, I think the Marin is collectively our favourite trail center. The singletrack there is so sweet, just exactly how it should be, and it never really gets a revamp, which gives it a cool semi eroded, kind of natural vibe.

We set out to film two specific bits of singletrack on what turned out to be a peach of a day. First up Ste and I got up to speed, whilst Dave W scoped out some angles, then we filmed Dave shredding on his own later on. The light was peachy all day, and hitting up the final descent non stop was a great way to start the year. All in all, a damn fine day.

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