Foot Traffic

For all the trail centers and ski center singletrack that is cropping up all over, there really is nothing better than a couple f hundered years of foot traffic to create some fine riding. The Oetztal valley in the Austrian Tyrol has all the sinous singletrack you could ever need.

Cal and I have been hiking in this part of the world for years now, so we know the trail potential pretty well. To say we were excited about getting our bikes out on these trails was a bit of an understatement. So miniDV in hand, we headed for the hills...

Cal descending from the top of the Timmelsjoch. Thanks to the biker bus that was layed on, this was an actual day of downhill singletrack.

Sometimes this is all you need.

Things got pretty steep and rooty once you got below the treeline. No man rocking a replica Pantani jersey had ever tamed the gnar like this...

... and when the trails took to much out of you, lunch was never to far away. There was no lift access and we climed about 13,000 meters over two weeks. Hungry work

When even the fireroads are an adventure, generally you know it is going to be a good ride. Cal adjusts on the way up.

The final descent of the final day. Time to savour.

Two weeks meant we could be pretty relaxed about shooting. We got some pretty awesome wilderness foootage, and despite the slow, techy bature of a lot of the trails, I think we should be able to get a nice edit togethor.

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