Ice Ice Baby...

Freeriding can mean so many things. One of those things is riding your bike over sheet ice.

I set out on my hardtail (my Spesh Pitch is needing a few replacement parts). My hardtail is a bastardised Specialized Rockhopper '05, complete with bodged singlespeed rear mech and slick tyres.

>complete with bodged slick tyres
>slick tyres

Slick tyres and sheet ice, a combination made in hell.

Turned out it was fun to session even the most gentle slopes of black ice. 360 tricks and hand-plants ensued. Epic freeride. While Dave M was more into the tricks and stuff, i was more in it for the down hill. Having your rear wheel spin out, flipping the bike sideways to direction of motion is a sick kind of thrill, and i was lapping it up like a crack addict on, well crack.

When Dave says I was into the spins, I assume he was refering to my 360 degree double footplant spin to faceplant combination, which took place on an iced over incline with a suitable inpressed, crowd of onlookers. T'was Rad. Dave M

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