Taking It Easy

Way back last Febuary, Ste and I found a peach of a trail in the Welsh Carneddau. It didn't go anywhere, and super gnarly to the point that we turned around when things got a bit scary. Well Dave saw the pics and wanted a go, so with the idea of getting some more 'fell tech' down on camera we headed back across on a much sunnier sunday and pushed to reach the ridge.

This time we made the ridge. Dave W was the only one to get his bike up there, so he was the only one to ride the techy, scenic trail we found

Dave stood at the top of the uber-gnarr section, this photo dosen;t do it justice, it was near vertical, messy slabs with no clean line, plus a massive penalty for failure. To scary. You can see how much of a peach the lower section of the trail is. 99% ridable from this point down.

Dave thought about it, but when he says no, then it is for sure a no.

Up on the ridge the trail got good again, Dave rode it a few times, hopefully the footage should look pretty good. 'Pretty Sweet 2' is still a pretty loose idea at the minute, but we knew we wanted to get some footage, we have got a year or so to work on it.

Ste and his steady, steady hands harvest some shots on the ridge. This was shortly before a 'shit, he has gone of the cliff moment' which kind of put the fear in us all. It wasn't the kind of place to be dicking about.

Dave drops of the ridge. This was so steep, so exposed. The buys got balls riding it. He got to the walkers you can see, but then things got silly for a while. Still 85% ridable. This was one of the most impressive things I have seen on a bike. Hats of to the lad.

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  1. Sounds amazing! Please could you email me some grid references? or more specific details on location?
    THANKS in advance