Swiss Alpine Adventuring

Sometimes the internet can be an awesome thing. It was one of those times that saw an email drop into my inbox. It's message went along the lines of 'really liked your film, if you are filming a 2nd one, how about you come over to Switzerland and I'll show you some trails'. That is not really something you say no to.

And so it came to be that Dave and I were booting a Fiat Panda up the steep side of the Malojapass, and probably one of the best riding weeks I've had was about to start. We were returning to Davos, my and Cal's favourite resort from the Dirtbag Megatour before meeting up with Dave (yep, that is three Daves) of Swiss Alpine Adventure. In short it was super awesome. Certainly one of the best weeks riding I have had. As we racked up almost an hour of footage we have very few photos, but what we did film is looking really quite good.

I think what made this trip was the local trail knowledge we were let in on, both the massive descents Dave showed us around Lenzerheide and the smaller trails the super friendly expat population of Davos/Klosters let us in on. (If your reading this Stewart, thanks for one of the best days riding I have ever had, and also, get in touch man) Whilst locals will always know their local trails well though, it appears Swiss Alpine Dave's knowledge extends to every corner of Switzerland. If you want a few days guiding get in touch with him...

Other highlights were the pass camping, the kebabs, the breakfasts and the free lift passes.

A week of Swiss Bliss


  1. Guys, there is a lot more over here to show you! ;-)

  2. I reckon we could probably find time to return