It Is Done

I think we can finally declare it to be done. A year and a day after we got the first shots done at the Marin Trail, the thing is finished. And despite having seen it over one million times, I still have a soft spot for what has come to be known as Pretty Sweet. I think that is a good thing.

I think we can be proud of what we made, considering the amount of money we put into it (very VERY little). Yeah, it does suck that we couldn't film it all in Super HD, but i think what we have looks good. Maybee even a kind of cool 8mm film vibe? There is no way it even holds a candle to the Pro mtb films that are being made at the minute, but I like the kind of 'folk music version of mountain bike film making' vibe we have.

I think Dave W describes the whole thing pretty well: "Mountain bike trail centres are fun to ride and are a great way to grow the sport. However we feel that adventure and wilderness are equally as significant in mountain biking as a lifestyle. Throughout out 2009 we filmed some of our mountain biking exploits to show that grabbing a map and just heading out into the mountains by bike has so much to offer. Without any past experience filming, a broken tripod and and ancient camcorder, we are really happy with what we've been able to put together and the experience has definitely inspired us to continue filming. Likewise, we hope we've inspired at least a few newcomers to the sport to stray from the trail centres and into the hills."

Anyway, the master is sitting on Dave W's PC, and I am putting the first DVD's in the post tomorow. Here's hoping other people will like it, and hopefully we will be able to give this film a few public airings. Fingers crossed.


  1. so where is the film then Dave?

    James A

  2. Llanberis Moutain Film Festival boyo