Fear and Loathing in The Peak District

I reckon three things are important for good mountain biking; Good trails, good friends and good weather. Normally when we head out we seem to get the two former. The type of rocky trails we prefer drain well, and even in the coldest, windiest, most vertical rain, we seem to maintain pretty good banter. With university commitments and the like, it is getting rarer that the four of us can head out so when a chance to get out in the Peaks came up we were all pretty keen.

Dave and Ste on Chapel Clough, probably the highlight of the day. With hindsight Peaks trails after rain, on a busy Sunday probably wasn't the greatest idea, but it was cool to be out. Guess we felt the trails just weren't living up to their billing.

Didn't manage to pull of this massive step. I blame the metric tone of High Peak grit stuck to my tyres.

Gritty peaks climbs get pretty tiring. Dave gurns onwards and upwards. I think the crowds and the lack of real mountains made this feel like less of an adventure that we normally like. 
Cal hardtailin'. Lack of fitness and maximum claggyness probably contributed to the lack of enthusiasm for another descent. Despite not being the greatest day out riding its all good really, and you have got to take any opportunity to ride. It's all good.

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  1. Nice pics guys. How wide are the guy in the last pictures bars????