The last six months have been a bit old fashioned in mountain biking terms. Since the end of another Alpine summer at the end of August we have been doing a lot of riding. This year though, the overwhelming majority of rides have started straight out the door. Yep, it is like 2005 all over again. Sure there was one 5 day trip to the Lakes (more on that soon hopefully) but every other bike ride I have been on has been either down the woods, or a short blast down the A55 at the Marin trail. Weirdly though, despite a lack of semi-exotic locations I have done more riding this winter than ever before. Consecutive days out in the woods on  bicycles as it went from drifty loam, through slidy mud, and on to frozen goodness. Here are a few photos from the last 6 months spent on our local hills.

Cal at home in the woods during a 4 day riding holiday at home.

No need to travel for a challenge, the woods hides some techy sections. Finally managed to tick this section off as September ended.
There is loam in Gwydyr forest if you know where to look
It was a damp start to the Autumn
Wet loam, wet rock and wet root. A gripless combination.
Standard conditions over the last few months. 
Autumn hit. Fastest old man in the North West, Matt gets his drift on.
And then it was proper winter. A rare daylight ride out. Ste getting a good foot of air.
Mid December. Shorts, T Shirts and a few buff trails could still be found.

And then it rained, for days and days. Josh sliding and gripping.
It has been a good winter so far, only a few months left

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