Then The Rain Comes

We went the Lakes. It rained. Cal and I got one decent day and one showery day of riding in amongst the Dunnerdale fells, and on the silly scary slopes of Skiddaw, but when Dave W turned up and the camera came out, the weather rather turned to shit. Still, all was not lost. Whilst we didn't quite get the haul of footage we were hoping for due to the camera's dislike of the rain, few shots came out nice. The relative shelter of Grizedale was nice, but the trails seemed to loose more grip with every water droplet that hit them, and the one new trail we found kept concentration levels high. Dave's comment that it would be a great bit of trail in the summer raised a laugh, what with our visit coming 2 days after the solstice. The 2nd day had been set aside for a new tilt on Helvelyn, but with rain falling, and thunder on the forecast, it turned in to an out an back up to Grizedale Hause. Whilst it may not have been the ride, or shoot, we where hoping for, new trails were ridden, and walkers impressed. A route for when the real summer arrives.

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