Off Season

We don't really get an off season for mountain bikes in our part of the woods. Sure, we have a 'going up big mountains is not so feasible' season, but bikes are still involved whatever the weather. Here are a few pics from off season so far.

Searching out some fresh snow in the woods. Christmas eve 2010

Big hillsides were knee deep in snow at the time. We made do riding new 'lines' down the smaller hillsides of the woods.

Better than mud, that is for sure.

Dave pushes the limits of grip and acceptable facial expressions.

Goggles turned out to be a woods must have on the more overgrown trails, come may they will be priceless.

Not so black lake.

After a few days in the woods, the Marin was a'calling.

The best part of the extra bits

The worse part of the extra bits. At this point we were considering giving up trying to get out of the forest before nightfall/ A bit lost.

Alas, we stumbled across a sublime decent back to civilisation.

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