Pretty Sweet Thankyous

So, it looks like the whole Pretty Sweet film thing is done, or at least it will be when all of singletrackworlds hit counters have ticked up to 5,000. Seems like a lot of people liked it, which is awesome, hell, Evans where quoting it for a brief while. Seeing that improved my monday morning last week. A few people didn't think much, fair enough, and a few seemed to miss the point alltogethor, bless em. Anyway, the whole thing has been awesome, has openened a few doors, and looks like it may have opened a few more for a second film. We'll see about that. Anyway, I thought I might take a minute to thank everyone who as been involved. Right from Ste, Dave and Cal for keeping faith in this idea through hell and highwater, through to Dave T and Henry for letting us ruin there holiday, parents for endless support and warm dinners, festivals and the mtb comunity who have thought enough of our film to put it out there alongside some super-pro films, singletrackworld for letting us use the most popular mtb site in the country to broadcast on, and everyone who watched it for taking 20 minutes to see what we made. Cheers

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